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ZINSON ZN is a liquid concealer Zinc deficiencies. Zinc is 100% chelated by EDTA and can be used in foliar and root crops of citrus fruit in general, vegetable and cereals. Is sufficiently demonstrated that the zinc in chelated form of EDTA is far more effective than in the form of inorganic salts or complex form, is at the ZINSON ZN, at lower doses Zinc deficiency corrected quickly and effective.


ROOTER CAN is a special fertilizer with amino acids, peptides, low molecular weight and high concentrations of soluble phosphorus and potassium. Especially suitable for use by root.


PH FORMULA is a pH regulator of phytosanitary products, which acts buffering the pH to a value suitable for the treatment effectiveness is maximized. It is an essential complement to prevent alkaline hydrolysis that occurs in some PPPs. It also prevents the precipitation of calcium contained in the water naturally, sequestering, when used foliar fertilizers containing phosphorous. Similarly, for carrying ammonia nitrogen in its formulation, it is convenient to use in glyphosate treatments to increase their effectiveness.


BORO LIFE is a Boron deficiency corrector for foliar use, in which it is solubilized by an ethanolamine. It is indicated to correct boron deficiencies in all crops. It is especially suited to combat so-called "monkey face olives" in olive "Hens and chicks" and winter chlorosis of the vineyard, the numbness in apple and pear, and lack the thickened crust in citrus juice and the "evil heart" in beets.

CANGROW 20-8-10

CANGROW 20-8-10is a foliar fertilizer in gel with EDTA chelated micronutrients. CANGROW is not 08.20.10 normal nutrient solution, it is a colloidal suspension, that is, a lesser quantity of liquid provides greater amount of nutrients.


COPPER CAN CU is a deficiency corrector Copper liquid in which it is complexed by Gluconic Acid. COPPER CAN CU, foliar Copper deficiencies corrected at lower doses than inorganic products.


CITRO CAN is a liquid concealer Zinc and Manganese deficiencies by foliar. The type of formulation is "Concentrated Suspension" - type FLOW - which gets a high concentration of micronutrients and a particle size small enough for complete assimilation by the plant.

Furthermore, with embedded CITRO CAN dispersants and wetting for water dispersal in the fast and durable even with little agitation.


AMINO VERCAN is a special fertilizer with amino acid hydrolysis, complexed iron and microelements. It can be used for both foliar and root. AMINO VERCAN contains amino acids to be absorbed directly by the plant to prevent synthesize this work from nitrogen, which can produce proteins needed immediately for better development. AMINO VERCAN also contains an appropriate amount of iron complexed by gluconic acid. It is indicated in the preventive and curative control of iron chlorosis in herbaceous and woody crops.


FORTI CAN, is a special fertilizer hydrolysis simple amino acids and microelements. It can be used for both foliar and root. The key feature is its high FORTI CAN rich in amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of life and are common to all living things, plants and animals. By grouping the amino acids that make up proteins are essential for the development of living beings. FORTI CAN contains amino acids to be absorbed directly by the plant to prevent synthesize this work from nitrogen, which can produce proteins needed immediately for better development. FORTI CAN amino acids have proven effective in the recovery of the tree affected by hail, frost, drought.


PHOSCAN PK is a liquid fertilizer with 50% potassium phosphite from Phosphoric Acid and Potassium compound.

The use of PHOSCAN P in a timely manner, promotes root development, fruit set and above all the fruit ripening.

Furthermore, PHOSCAN P, containing a high percentage of potassium phosphite, a product that stimulates the synthesis of Phytoalexins by the plant, protects against the attack of mildew producing fungi (Oomicales) and also against Phytophthora Phytophthora Citrophtora and Parasitic (fungi producers of watery citrus and other woody neck rot).


NEUTROCAN KL is a liquid fertilizer rich in potassium reinforced urea nitrogen, which increases the absorption of potassium.

The potassium content in the NEUTROCAN KL, once applied increases leaf photosynthetic activity, which contributes to increase the absorption of CO2. This favors the migration of sugars into the storage organs (fruits), which is early ripening and increases fruit size, improving their quality and color.

It is recommended for use in all crops, whether vegetable or fruit. Due to its high richness in potassium, NEUTROCAN KL is a fertilizer designed for maximum crop yield.


It is a foliar fertiliser with aminoacids. Use: fertiliser that provides the essential aminoacids that the plant needs to its development. It is specially suited for moments in

which the crop needs to overcome a critical situation: fruit formation, fruit settle, fattening, etc. Composition (p/p):

  • Free aminoacids: 24%
  • Total organic matter: 40%
  • Total nitrogen (N): 5,6%

Agrophyte Ca + B

It is a liquid fertiliser with aminoacids, calcium and boron. Use: source of Ca and B for crops with a high demand of those elements and it also prevent and correct deficiency states.

Furthermore, the aminoacids assure the Ca and B quick absorption, answer and mobility through the plant. Composition (p/p):

  • Soluble calcium (CaO): 8%
  • Soluble boron (B): 0,5%
  • Free aminoacids: 8%
  • Total nitrogen (N): 1,6%
  • Total organic matter: 12%


It is a liquid product with aminoacids that is used for rooting. Use: it improves the seeds germination and induces an augmentation in the plant and-stress resistance, providing a

quick recuperation to the crop after living an adverse situation. Composition (p/p):

  • Free aminoacids: 10%
  • Total amount of organic matter: 21%
  • Total nitrogen (N): 2,5%


It is a liquid product that induces maturation. Use: it induces sugar matura􀀑on and forma􀀑on, so it anticipates matura􀀑on in a natural way and achieves a sweeter fruit flavor. It increases the anthocyanins, flavonoids and tannins contents and gives a more intense color to the fruit. It should be applied during the fruit se􀀯ng and matura􀀑on .
Composition (p/p):

  • Free aminoacids: 6%
  • Reducing sugars: 40%
  • Potassium oxide (K O): 2%


It is a liquid fertilizer with complexed manganese and zinc.

Use: it is a deficiency corrector and it provides an extra contribution when iron chelates are applied, balancing the concentration of those microelements and producing a synergic effect between them. Besides Mn and Zn, it contents nitrogen, which favours the quick translocation inside the plant and produces an immediate effect. It has a quick assimilation either as foliar or root application. Composition (p/p):

  • Manganese (Mn): 5,2%
  • Zinc (Zn): 4,1%
  • Ureic nitrogen (N): 7,5%


It is a boron solution in form of ethanolamine salt.

Use: boron deficiency corrector that is suitable for crops with a high demand of this element (vegetable crops, alfalfa, olive trees, vine, etc)Composition (p/p):

  • Water soluble boron (B): 11%


It is a manganese chelate in form of soluble microgranules.

Use: prevention and correction of Mn deficiency in citrus, fruit trees, vegetable crops… Composition (p/p):

  • Manganese (Mn):13%
  • Chelating agent: EDTA


Zinc chelate in form of soluble microgranules.

Use: prevention and correction of Zn deficiencies in citrus, fruit trees, vegetable crops, cereals… Composition (p/p):

  • Zinc (Zn): 14%
  • Chelating agent: EDTA


Iron chelate in the form of soluble microgranules.

Use: corrector of iron deficiencies. It could be used in a preventive way or when the first chlorosis symptoms appear.
Composition (p/p):

  • Water soluble iron (Fe): 6%
  • Chelated iron (Fe) (ortho-ortho isomer): 4,2%
  • Chelating agent: EDDHA


Fertiliser that is special for the fruit formation and fattening.

Use: formation and fattening of fruit and vegetable crops. It increases the size, the sugar content and the weight of the fruits. It also improves the aspect of the fruits and vegetable crops and increases the mechanical resistance. Composition (p/p):

  • Total potassium (K O): 30% 2
  • EDTA: 1%

Agro Phos

PK fertiliser solution.

Uses: due to its big content in phosphorus and potassium as a basic element, it has a huge nutritional activity in moments of flowering and fruit settle and maturation so, it improves several qualities, such as the sugar content and it produces a better shoot withering. Moreover, it helps the nitrogen equilibrium to avoid its possible excess in the plant. In addition, it proportions to the plant an activity of autodefense (increment in the phytoalexin production) and strengthening in front of fungi illnesses, like mildew, Phytophthora spp. and putrefaction.Composition (p/p):

  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P O ): 30% 2 5
  • Potassium oxide (K O): 20%

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