Welcome to Canson Chemicals,

High Quality Agrochemical for a better plant health & a higher crop yeild.

Philosophy & Vision

Canson Chemicals is a scientifically based company, always consider plant health as its responsibility trying to make a balance between the maximum crop yield and the lowest cost for the farmer . Knowledge and flexibility are qualities that differ us from large Agricultural nutrients and Chemicals distributors around the country.

Our Marketing Strategies
  • - Promote our products to reliable gents.
  • - Set reasonable products price.
  • - Provide experts consultation & service.
  • - Build brand royalty.
  • - Survey customer satisfaction.
  • - Attention to customers including their Crop health and environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the maximum benefit to the agricultural industry through a sustainable growth and create added value to our partners.
We are distinguished with high quality products and flexible services provided by our professional team that makes us a reliable partner to both farmer and food consumer.


As we always dedicated to achieve the highest levels of benefits for both farmers and people consuming food and crops later , We regularly scan the whole world searching for new technology based products which have the best quality and the highest safety levels .
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Our Values

Our Team :

Our team includes:

  • - Proficient Managers.
  • - Professional Marketing agronomists.
  • - Well trained sales Representatives.
  • - Business Development Coordinator.
  • - Quality Testers.
  • - R&D Team.
  • - Administrator.
  • - Skilled / Technical Consultants.
  • - Others.

Total No. :90 employees.

Sales team :25 Agronomist.

Technical team :7 Agronomist.

Our Activities :

Distributing Agrochemicals (Fertilizers – Pesticides – Fungicides - Herbicides - Growth Regulators - Correctors and Seeds ) to the Retailers and Farms .

Conferences & Exhibitions :
  • - Sahara Exhibition, Cairo ,Egypt.
  • - Saudi Exhibition, Riyadh, KSA.
  • - Sudan Projex , Sudan.

Operation :Including Egypt, KSA, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, etc.

Customers :1400 customers (Farmers , Retailers, Farms and Distributors).

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